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World-Class Cannabis, Service and Security!
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Shipping Address at Shop.QoC.Direct/Order
World-Class Cannabis, Service and Security!

Cannabis Kaufen in Deutschland!

Discrete Delivery – Buy With Bitcoin, XMR and Crypto.

Leading Privacy Excellence! Cannabis Legalization in Germany.

We Are Growers – Cannabis Lovers

An Original Cannabis Social Club

With 5 years of ~ Amazing Reviews ~ as one of the most Established Cannabis Retailers in Europe!

Mit viel Liebe,

~ Diene QueenOfCannabis

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Delivery is included - We Ship Anywhere.. European Union!

Our shop offers the opportunity to experience cannabis in a sociable atmosphere

With a Vibrant and Friendly Community,

We love bringing people together..

For Enjoyment, Healing, and Friendship.

Always good vibrations, always 420!

Once you’ve walked through the door, you’re family.

We are committed to both the Safety and Quality of our products..

And also!

Our Customer Relations 🙂

Because we share, and we care,

Your privacy in mind.

We will always stand by value of quality cannabis

Premium Products

From Local Industry Growers

World's Best Hash

We’ve been making World’s Best since 2018! 20-60%+ THC

Cali Import

Stunning Imported Cannabis!

Static Tech

Carefully Manufactured – Trichomes and Live Resin


Premium Fresh Cut Buds from Experienced Local Growers

Oils / Vape / Syrup

High Potency and Hand Crafted


In Case You Have The Munchies – We Provide Snacks

Our ultimate goal is your happiness. We have a vibrant community to prove it.
Come see for yourself, sharing is caring!

The First Cannabis Social Club to Promise Customer Privacy

About Our Discord

Who ever said it was a bad time to kick back, relax, and have a little fun?

Our Discord Community is a great place to play video games, make friendships, join in VR, and even veg out to some movies with a buddy.

Did we mention that we house a Fully Cross-Play Minecraft Server?

About Our Staff

Our Team is Thoroughly Experienced, Educated, and Involved in

  • CyberSecurity and Blockchain
  • Marijuana Distribution
  • Legalization and Decriminalization
  • Cannabis Growing
  • Health and Medical Research
  • Customer Service Excellence
Customer Review and Ratings100%
Quality Cut Flower Each Week100%
Loyal Returning Customers100%
World-Class Privacy100%
Shop At QueenOfCannabis Social Club - Growers Since 2018, Delivery To Europe!

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